Dana Martinez, Psy.D.

A safe, supportive, non-judgmental space where we can explore the past and create a new future.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist


s a psychologist, my job is to help my patients (children, teens, young adults, adults, and families) identify problematic patterns, understand formative relationships, and develop self-understanding. I believe the essence of good therapy is empathy, tactful directness and a collaborative approach to help people make and internalize changes to improve their relationships and impart a sense of well-being. I take a flexible, integrative approach to therapy and draw from various modalities to support my patients in the most effective and meaningful way based on their unique needs and life circumstances. My goal is to create a safe, supportive, non-judgmental space where we can explore the past and create a new future.

The greatest predictor of success in therapy is the therapist-patient relationship and finding a therapist with whom you feel understood and can explore painful issues is crucial. At the heart of my work, there’s a deep commitment to foster a¬†collaborative process tailored to fit your needs and style. Special focus is placed on interpersonal connections and the ability to understand and cope effectively with emotional experiences. While providing a safe and non-judgmental environment,¬†we will embark on a journey of exploring the root causes behind your emotional distress and we will celebrate and strengthen the factors that contribute to your well-being. Understanding your personal history and aspirations for the future will serve as a compass, guiding us as we navigate this journey together.

With experience in mindfulness-based and contemplative practices, psychodynamic and psychoanalytic perspectives, EMDR, and psychedelic-assisted therapies, I have been exploring existential, relational, and humanistic therapies to complement my evolving interests and experiences. Strongly believing in the power of emotions and felt experiences in the body as cues and opportunities to become curious, I value non-judgment, presence, our inner healing wisdom, and openness in the therapeutic experience.